Warcry Bundle


  1. Ravaged Lands: Defiled Ruins
    1. Expand your game with new Terrain cards
    2. Bring your battles to the ruined cities of the Eightpoints
    3. Includes double-sided token sheet for keeping track of your games
  2. Warcry Core Book
    1. Your guide to the world of Warcry
    2. Get the core rules for the game, with expansion options for narrative, open and matched play
    3. Discover the wastes of the Eightpoints with sumptuous art and dark lore
  3. Warcry Battleplan Cards
    1. Generate Warcry battleplans in moments
    2. Thousands of potential combinations
    3. Combine with the Warcry Core Book and a Shattered Lands set to use.

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